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90 Days to Happy

This is a 10 session program. It focuses on the foundational skills of building intimate relationships by focusing first on the one with your gorgeous self! You will learn how to boost your confidence, expand your sense of self and use your feminine energy to attract a high value partner. You will learn the dialog and behavior of irresistible women. Your choice in a long term partner is the single most important decision of your life. My intention is for you to release your doubt and believe in a future love that leaves you breathless and secure. You are so much closer than you think to what you most want. It will be my honor to help you get there.

Ten 1-hour Coaching Sessions : Assessments: Worksheets : 10 min weekly check ins : Free Access to my Womens Circle

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Beyond The Glass Slipper

This is created for single high-achieving women that want to attract and form a long-term healthy romantic relationship. You will learn how to build confidence, balance your masculine & feminine energies, how to get rid of old limiting beliefs, identify a partner that will make you happy vs one that will keep you in a trauma bond. We will discuss Attachment Styles and how to become more securely attached and use the Chinese philosophy of Yin/Yang to behave in a manner that will attract either a Yin driven man (heart centered, passive, receiving, sensual, non-competitive ) or Yang driven man (head-centered, leader, rational, provider, protector).

Five 1-hour Coaching Sessions : Assessments: Worksheets : 10 min weekly check ins : Free Access to my Womens Circle

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Walk & Talk Therapy

There are endless advantages to taking your coaching conversations into nature. Many clients feel more open and at ease when walking side by side versus facing one another in my office. The combination of beautiful scenery, movement, fresh air and safe conversations is like a healing dose of  happiness. These sessions are 60 mins long and offered in single sessions. It is best to call me prior to booking so we can discuss specific location and I can answer any questions you may have. The Walk & Talk sessions take place in or around the city of Beverly Hills or Larchmont Village.

Here’s to grounding conversations and natural mood boosters!

Give the Gift of Happiness

Are you sure Coaching could significantly support someone you love but they won’t take the first step of setting up the initial session? Consider this three session gift that will teach them how to identify what is holding them back, shift their beliefs and create specific actionable steps to reach their goals.

How I Can Help


How I help guide you to become the right person to find the right person

My first priority as your coach, is to create a compassionate environment where you will feel safe to express your authentic beautiful self. My goal is to guide you towards identifying and prioritizing what makes you come alive, and integrating this as you engage in your everyday activities. Even if you cant remember the last time you felt truly fulfilled, we will work together to open your heart to a new journey of happiness. This is your birthright. The process will entail a path of discovery to better understand your beliefs, what you ache for, what motivates you, and most importantly, what is holding you back from acquiring what your heart longs for. Most of the time our greatest obstacle is our own negative self-judgments, but with practice and time it is possible to reprogram these thought patterns and replace them with healthier ones. This is something I have worked on for myself and can help you with.

Once we gain clarity on where you’d like to be in the next 3-6 months we can then collaborate on a personalized plan of action. In between sessions is where your greatest potential for transformation occurs. As you engage in new practices, you agree to hold yourself accountable to; curiosity, clarity and fresh perspectives will blossom. You will begin to feel comfortable stepping out of your comfort zone simultaneously growing your courage and confidence one goal at a time. This will empower and motivate you to continue, until you see yourself becoming more and more of who you truly are. A confident woman full of love for herself who doesn’t need anything (outside of herself) but chooses to share her abundance with those who know her worth. There is nothing more irresistible to a man than a happy, light hearted and feminine woman.