Self Love + Thriving Relationships + Progress = Happiness

I will teach you how to fall in love with yourself, cultivate meaningful connections, and take consistent action towards your big life projects.

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    The key to True love & Empowerment is Self-Love & Progress

    Our chances of finding and re-igniting love are amplified when we radiate happiness, confidence and self-love. Women who come from a place of abundance and wholeness attract conscious men at similar stages in life. We attract who we are. No matter what has materialized in our relationships, we have the power to shift old paradigms to create a brighter existence filled with meaning, empowerment and love.

    Crucial to living a meaningful life is practicing self-love. This means having consideration and taking time to nurture our beautiful beings. Self-love flourishes as we take part in healthy activities that nourish our spirit, heart, body and soul. Engaging in these behaviors will allow us to feel more centered and graciously aligned with our environment and people we share our lives with.

    The other half of the coin necessary to re-vitalize intimacy and reclaim our feminine power, is progress. This can be explained as growing forward to develop in to the greatest version of who we are. Getting on this enlightened path of self-actualization is like a pilgrimage to a magical land of consciousness, inner peace and a devotion to be of service to others. Central to achieving great progress, is continuously expanding our mind, spirit, emotions and relationships while simultaneously living authentically.

    Cultivating self-love and regular forward movement will promote joyful aliveness, opening our hearts to infinite possibilities. It is my truth that this is the foundation for self-transformation, lasting love and empowerment.

    You are the master of your ship and the creator of your fate

    Work With Me and Experience


    Proven intimacy principles
    to upgrade relationships


    Techniques to disengage from
    old relationship patterns


    Clarity of values, vision
    and purpose


    Fresh perspective on love,
    life & possibilities


    The power of intentional action
    & accountability


    Positive Psychology practices to
    increase happiness & attract love


    6 Signs you will Benefit from a Relationship Coach

    You are ready to prioritize you personal happiness and peace of mind in your everyday life

    You want to break limiting auto-pilot thoughts and patterns and move towards self-love

    You are successful in every way except in meeting a suitable relationship ready man

    You love your long term partner but feel emotionally and physically dis-connected

    You secretly fear vulnerability and transparency will expose you to heartache

    You feel over-whelmed and could use more structure and an accountability partner for
    motivation and guidance